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Home Rewards

Live to Play. Play to Live.

Get Rewarded for Playing!

We at Game On India have decided to
incentivize playing. Just to ensure that you have enough incentives to add to your own rewards. All you have to do is to keep renewing your participation on the field.

Whether you play in casual or corporate league, you're still eligible for the rewards program

Start Earning Reward Points

The process is quite simple. Everyone who registers gets a Welcome Reward of 300 Fitness Points. Every time you play, you get another 300 Fitness Points. That means if you play 4 matches in a month, you add up to 1500 points. Plus, every time your team wins a match, you get another 125 points and assuming your team wins all 4 matches, your total at the end of the month adds up to 2000 Fitness Points. When you renew for another month for any game of your choice, you get another 300 Fitness points, and again for every game you play, 300 Fitness Points. Again if you are a part of the winning team, you get 125 points for every match you win. Theoretically, in two months time you can add up to 4000 Fitness Points.
You can keep renewing and if you are the first few to earn a total of 5000 Fitness Points you will get a 20% Discount Coupon from Adidas!!!

More rewards than the game itself! Check your Fitness points and see if you have qualified to win a reward. Visit My Locker to see what you can redeem!!.


Get Rewarded for Playing!

And for those who are renewing, please stay tuned as we will be unleashing a wave of
goodies from FREE tickets to Delhi Daredevils matches at Feroz Shah Kotla stadium, Swedish massages, and tickets to movie halls.
Playing has never been so rewarding. Just keep renewing, playing and winning
Game for the rewards?